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Jupiter-9 f2.0 85mm. Soviet USSR Vintage portrait lens for mount M42

Jupiter-9 f2.0 85mm. Soviet USSR Vintage portrait lens for mount M42

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Step back in time with the Jupiter-9 f2.0 85mm lens, an exquisite piece of Soviet USSR craftsmanship tailored for M42 mounts. This vintage portrait lens, carrying the prestigious Jupiter lineage, beckons photographers with its distinct flair. With an 85mm focal length, it effortlessly captures stunning portraits and telephoto shots, unveiling the artistry in every frame.

Embodying the essence of classic optics, the Jupiter-9 inherits the legacy of the famed Zeiss Sonnar lens design, delivering unparalleled sharpness and depth. Its prime lens capabilities showcase the prowess of Soviet Union engineering, making it a sought-after gem among photography enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Beyond its historical charm, this lens offers a breathtaking bokeh, effortlessly painting dreamy backgrounds that enhance the subject's prominence. Compatible with both DSLRs and modern mirrorless cameras, it seamlessly integrates into the digital world while preserving its vintage allure.

Discover the magic of capturing timeless moments with the Jupiter-9—where innovation meets nostalgia, creating an unparalleled visual symphony for the contemporary photographer.

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