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Industar Lens 50 -2 3.5/50 USSR Soviet Russian Lens Vintage M32 M42

Industar Lens 50 -2 3.5/50 USSR Soviet Russian Lens Vintage M32 M42

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The Industar Lens 50-2 3.5/50, originating from the USSR, stands as a vintage gem with a multitude of tags encapsulating its unique features. This portrait lens, standard lens, and SLR lens hail from the Soviet era, bearing the distinction of being an industrial lens with a vintage charm that enthusiasts covet. Its roots as a Russian lens and a product of the USSR add an extra layer of historical significance.

The Industar-50 3.5/50 lens, designed for rangefinder cameras, boasts a lightweight, small, and compact build. Its focus ring gracefully covers 180 degrees, providing precise control, and the minimum focusing distance is a mere 1 meter. Noteworthy is the lens's characteristic extension by 1cm when focusing, showcasing its mechanical elegance. Featuring 7 diaphragm blades, the aperture smoothly varies without fixed values, allowing for versatile control over depth of field. The lens is equipped with an M39 landing thread, further emphasizing its vintage appeal.

For SLR cameras, the Industar-50 lens transforms into a specialized tool, functioning exclusively in macro mode. This lens is a rare industrial find, embodying a piece of history with its Soviet origin. Despite its rarity, the Industar-50 3.5/50 remains an affordable option, making it a sought-after rangefinder lens for those seeking quality on a budget. With its distinctive characteristics and historical allure, the Industar Lens 50-2 3.5/50 stands out as a testament to the craftsmanship of Soviet-era optics, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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