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Helios 44M Soviet lens 58mm f/2 M42 mount Canon EF EOS adaptor.

Helios 44M Soviet lens 58mm f/2 M42 mount Canon EF EOS adaptor.

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Lens mount: Canon EF (Canon EOS adaptor),
Focal length: 58mm,
Relative aperture: 1:2,
Scale of diaphragms: from 2 to 16,
Diaphragm: Manual,
Focusing range: from 0.5m to 20m to infinity,
Filter mount: M49x0.75.

The Helios 44M Soviet lens 58mm f/2, equipped with an M42 mount and a Canon EF adapter, stands as a remarkable artifact among the rich heritage of Soviet optics. This lens, revered for its distinct qualities, embodies the legacy of Ukrainian craftsmanship and engineering from the USSR era.

Pioneered as part of the Helios lens series, particularly the Helios 44M-4 and its predecessor, the Helios 44-2, this vintage Soviet lens captivates photographers and collectors alike with its unmistakable character and optical prowess. Its 58mm focal length and wide f/2 aperture deliver stunning depth of field control and remarkable low-light performance, allowing for captivating photographic expression.

With its unique rendering, often characterized by swirly bokeh and distinct flares, the Helios 44M lens captures images with an enchanting vintage aesthetic, elevating the visual narrative of any scene. This lens holds a special place among enthusiasts seeking to infuse their modern-day photography with the nostalgic charm and artistic allure of Soviet-era optics.

Crafted during an era known for its dedication to robust construction and enduring quality, the Helios 44M lens symbolizes the excellence of vintage Soviet lens design. Adapted for compatibility with Canon EF mounts, it seamlessly bridges the gap between classic craftsmanship and contemporary camera systems, enabling photographers to explore a fusion of historical lens character with modern imaging technology.

In summary, the Helios 44M Soviet lens remains a coveted piece of photographic history, celebrated for its iconic design, unique optical characteristics, and its ability to transform everyday scenes into timeless visual masterpieces.

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