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Helios 44 M-4 Cine Mod Bokeh Portrait Lens Soviet 58mm Sony NEX E-mount

Helios 44 M-4 Cine Mod Bokeh Portrait Lens Soviet 58mm Sony NEX E-mount

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Lens Mount: Sony E mount (Nex adaptor included)
Focal length: 58mm
Relative aperture: 1: 2
Rock of-diafragms: Frome 2 is 16
Focusing rank: Frome 0.5m 20m is the infinity

Introducing the Helios 44M-4 Cine Mod Bokeh Portrait Lens, a captivating piece of optical craftsmanship that seamlessly combines vintage charm with modern versatility. This Soviet lens, born from the renowned KMZ Helios series, boasts a 58mm focal length and is skillfully adapted for use with Sony NEX E-mount cameras.

Originally crafted during the era of the USSR, the Helios 44M-4 Lens carries the legacy of its Helios predecessors, known for their distinct bokeh rendering and exquisite portrait capabilities. With its cine mod, this lens opens up new creative possibilities for filmmakers and photographers alike, offering a unique visual storytelling experience.

Immerse yourself in the timeless aesthetics of the Helios 44M-4 as it captures the essence of yesteryears while seamlessly integrating with modern Sony E-mount systems. This lens is not just a tool; it's a journey through history, encapsulating the spirit of Soviet lens craftsmanship and the evolution of photographic technology.

Elevate your photography and cinematography with the Helios 44M-4 Cine Mod Bokeh Portrait Lens — where tradition meets innovation, and every frame tells a story.
Renowned for its exceptional bokeh rendering, the Helios 44M-4 is a Bokeh Lens

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