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Helios 44 2/58 Silver Lens M39 M42 Bokeh Portrait SLR Soviet

Helios 44 2/58 Silver Lens M39 M42 Bokeh Portrait SLR Soviet

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This lens boasts an aperture and focal length of f2/58, offering a unique photographic experience. With an angular field of view of 38 degrees and a lens configuration of 6 elements in 4 groups, it provides exceptional optics for various shooting scenarios.

The lens features a light filter mating thread of M49x0.75, allowing for creative filter options. Its closest focusing distance is 0.5 meters, providing versatility in capturing subjects at different distances.

The glass on the lenses is pristine, free from any fungus, and the lens itself is in excellent cosmetic condition. Optically, it excels with no scratches and minimal cleaning marks. The 8-blade design delivers perfect bokeh, making it a rare and sought-after version of this lens.

Included with the lens are both caps for protection. Additionally, it comes with a meticulously adjusted M39-M42 adapter ring, specifically designed for seamless compatibility with M42 cameras and adapters. The focusing capability covers the full range, including infinity, ensuring precise control over your shots.

This lens is suitable for SLR cameras, and various adapter options are provided for compatibility with different camera brands:

- For Canon EOS cameras, an M42-Canon EOS adapter is required.
- For Nikon DX/FX cameras, Fujifilm, and Kodak cameras with Nikon F bayonet, an M39-Nikon F adapter is needed.
- For Pentax cameras with a bayonet K, use an M39-Pentax K adapter.
- For Sony/Minolta A bayonet, an M39-Sony A adapter is required.
- For Olympus/Panasonic cameras with a 4/3 bayonet, an M39-4/3 adapter is suitable for mirrorless cameras.
- For Sony cameras with the 'E' bayonet of the Sony NEX and Sony Alpha, an M42-Sony E adapter (aka M42-Sonye Nex) is needed.
- For Micro 4/3 bayonet cameras (Olympus/Panasonic/Kodak/Xiaomi), use the M39-Micro 4/3 adapter.
- For Canon EF-M bayonet cameras, an M39-Canon M adapter is required.
- For Nikon 1 series cameras, use the M42-Nikon 1 adapter.
- For Fujifilm cameras with an X bayonet, an M39-Fuji X adapter is needed.
- For Samsung cameras with an NX mount, an M39-Samsung NX adapter is required.
- For Pentax cameras with a Q bayonet, use an M39-Pentax Q adapter.
- For Leica cameras with a Leica M bayonet, an M39-L/M adapter is suitable.

You can also explore further possibilities by using an M39/M42 adapter and then adding an M42/Sony A adapter, opening up compatibility with a range of cameras. If you have any questions regarding compatibility and adapters, feel free to ask in the comments. #SovietLens #VintageLens #USSRLens #VintageHelios44_2 #LensHelios #LensUSSR #UkrainianLens #Helios44Lens #SilverLens #Helios44Silver #M42M39Mount #SLRLens #BokehPortraitLens

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