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Anamorphic Helios 44M Lens Soviet Cine Mod with any adaptor Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and more.

Anamorphic Helios 44M Lens Soviet Cine Mod with any adaptor Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and more.

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Focal length: 58mm
Relative aperture: 1:2
Scale of diaphragms: from 2 to 16
Diaphragm: Manual
Focusing range: from 0.5m to 20m to infinity
Filter mount: M49x0.75

Discover the cinematic marvel of the Anamorphic Helios 44M Lens, a testament to Soviet engineering reimagined for contemporary creativity. This exquisite lens, borne from the iconic Helios 44M series, undergoes a cine mod transformation, elevating its capabilities to deliver breathtaking anamorphic imagery.

Compatible with a versatile array of adapters—be it Sony's NEX or E mount, Canon's EF mount, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds, and more—this lens adapts seamlessly to your preferred camera setup. Its adaptability ensures a smooth integration with a range of modern camera bodies, allowing you to explore the unique visual aesthetics of anamorphic photography across diverse platforms.

Unveil the vintage charm and distinctive characteristics of the Helios Soviet Lens lineage, now imbued with an anamorphic prowess that expands your creative horizons. From its classic bokeh rendering to the captivating flares and widescreen cinematic aspect ratio, this Helios 44M lens transcends the ordinary, delivering striking visuals that captivate audiences and storytellers alike.

Experience the fusion of heritage and innovation as you harness the Helios Vintage Lens charm coupled with the cutting-edge adaptability of modern lens technology. Elevate your storytelling with the distinctively cinematic allure of the Anamorphic Helios—a lens that breathes new life into every frame, whether capturing breathtaking landscapes or intimate character moments.

Embrace the legacy of the Helios 44M lens series in an anamorphic guise—a lens adapter magician that seamlessly integrates with your choice of Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds, and more, inviting you to paint your visual narrative with unparalleled elegance and character.

This lens is in excellent working order with smooth mechanical systems. The glass is pristine, devoid of any stains, scratches, or chips.

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