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Helios 44 58mm Lens M39 mount M42 Vintage Soviet Wine Mod

Helios 44 58mm Lens M39 mount M42 Vintage Soviet Wine Mod

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!!! Upon your request, I can provide mounting options for Fuji FX, Sony Nex, Micro 4/3, Nikon, and Canon EF systems. !!!

Explore vintage photography with the Helios 44 58mm Lens – a Soviet gem with M39 mount and a touch of wine mod sophistication. This Ukrainian lens, part of the iconic Helios 44 series, delivers 8-blade Bokeh Portrait magic.

Its Helios Silver design adds a vintage charm, making it a standout Vintage Soviet lens for those seeking a unique and artistic perspective. Elevate your collection with the Helios 44 58mm Lens – where history and creativity converge in every shot.

This lens is suitable for SLR cameras, and various adapter options are provided for compatibility with different camera brands:

- For Canon EOS cameras, an M42-Canon EOS adapter is required.
- For Nikon DX/FX cameras, Fujifilm, and Kodak cameras with Nikon F bayonet, an M39-Nikon F adapter is needed.
- For Pentax cameras with a bayonet K, use an M39-Pentax K adapter.
- For Sony/Minolta A bayonet, an M39-Sony A adapter is required.
- For Olympus/Panasonic cameras with a 4/3 bayonet, an M39-4/3 adapter is suitable for mirrorless cameras.
- For Sony cameras with the 'E' bayonet of the Sony NEX and Sony Alpha, an M42-Sony E adapter (aka M42-Sonye Nex) is needed.
- For Micro 4/3 bayonet cameras (Olympus/Panasonic/Kodak/Xiaomi), use the M39-Micro 4/3 adapter.
- For Canon EF-M bayonet cameras, an M39-Canon M adapter is required.
- For Nikon 1 series cameras, use the M42-Nikon 1 adapter.
- For Fujifilm cameras with an X bayonet, an M39-Fuji X adapter is needed.
- For Samsung cameras with an NX mount, an M39-Samsung NX adapter is required.
- For Pentax cameras with a Q bayonet, use an M39-Pentax Q adapter.
- For Leica cameras with a Leica M bayonet, an M39-L/M adapter is suitable.

You can also explore further possibilities by using an M39/M42 adapter and then adding an M42/Sony A adapter, opening up compatibility with a range of cameras. If you have any questions regarding compatibility and adapters, feel free to ask in the comments. #SovietLens #VintageLens #USSRLens #VintageHelios44_2 #LensHelios #LensUSSR #UkrainianLens #Helios44Lens #SilverLens #Helios44Silver #M42M39Mount #SLRLens #BokehPortraitLens

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